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Friday, December 24, 2004

How Elderly is Your Ham?

When we went to Mom’s house last weekend she, as usual, sent some kitchen items. While I’m sure it’s not good karma, and I know it certainly isn’t nice to look a gift horse in the mouth, some of the things she sends sometimes should go directly into her trash, rather than making the commute from her house to mine before hitting the dumpster. This last box was no exception to this rule.

Now, there were some very fine and useful items in the box, to be sure. I love the chicken tortilla soup, and I’m sure I’ll figure out something to do with a gallon of chili (no beans,) but there was also a container of Mexican style cream that expired two-weeks ago, a bag of salami that expired at the end of November, and some orange juice that still had three good days.

Tonight while I was slogging through email, and not really paying attention, the Kid was riffling through the contents of the deli drawer in the fridge. After a couple of moments he turned to me and asked, “How elderly is this ham?” It struck me so funny, that even half an hour later I’m still chuckling at the thought.